Sunday, February 05, 2006

A weekend's stroll through Toronto

I took some photographs during a stroll through Toronto this weekend. My girlfriend and I were walking around the Harbord and Ossington area and also on College near Dovercourt. Toronto is such a fascinating and dynamic place; it's visually rich nearly everywhere you go. One only has to walk around the block in any central neighborhood to get sights such as these.

If you want to see larger images, just click on each picture.

What a neat house! Btw, note the Gord Perks sign out front -- he ran for the NDP and got hammered a couple of weeks ago.

A closer view of the artwork on 2 Macklem.

A view looking south on Macklem.

This delightful and colourful mural can be found on the side of a building at the intersection of College and Macklem.

How cool is this? Public art on what would otherwise be an eyesore.

On the wall of a coin laundry on Harbord.

More from the mural on the wall of the coin laundry. A few minutes after this picture was taken it started to pour, followed soon thereafter by gigantic wet snowflakes.

George in the hood. No, I'm not that tall - the door is freakishly small.

McGuinty is the Liberal Premier of Ontario.

Looks like somebody wanted a chair in the bus shelter.

The Portuguese love their soccer.

A nice stain glass window.

Now this is just simply un-Canadian!

This was on the wall of a store on College near Dovercourt.

Some bizarre art shot through a gallery window.

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